Explore the Many Benefits of Leasing a New Genesis

If you're considering purchasing a brand-new Genesis vehicle, leasing may have crossed your mind. Leasing is a wonderful car financing option that has been growing in popularity for many years. Not only does leasing make your life easier, but it also comes with many financial benefits.

Key Car Leasing Terms

Leasing terms can be complicated. To help our Kennesaw, Atlanta, and Marietta area drivers understand what leasing entails, here are a few common leasing terms in more detail.

  • Capitalized Cost - Also known as "cap cost", this is the most important part of the lease. It's the negotiated selling price of the vehicle with the addition of any fees you may add to the payment plan. The "cap cost" determines how much your monthly payment will be.
  • Acquisition Fee - Some companies charge this fee because they arranged the lease. It can be added to the capitalized cost.
  • Money Factor - The interest rate, which is calculated slightly differently. You'll see a money factor like ".0029," and you'll want to multiply it by 2,400. This will give you the interest, which in this case, is about seven percent.
  • Term - This is the length of the loan. Typically, most leases have around a three-year term length.
  • Lessee - The lessee is you, the person who is leasing the vehicle. The lessor is the dealership.

Advantages To Leasing Over Buying

What type of benefits does leasing having? Why should you lease a new Genesis? What advantages does leasing have over buying? There are many benefits to leasing a new vehicle. While both leasing and loaning have their own sets of pros and cons, here's a closer look at how leasing may be the better option for you.

Lower Payments

Most leases come with lower monthly payments than a loan would. Leases also typically include less expensive tax, registration, and insurance fees. Many drivers may even pay less for a down payment if one is required at all.

Latest Models

Because you'll only have your lease for a short amount of time, you'll always be driving the latest Genesis models around Roswell, Sandy Springs, and beyond. These new vehicles come with the most up to date technology, the newest design and comfort features, and the latest performance options.

No Major Repairs

The length of your lease should only extend for the life of the new car warranty. Because of this, you shouldn't have to pay for any major repairs, unlike when you're driving a loaned vehicle, and the warranty expires. You will need to take care of the routine maintenance, though.

What Type Of Vehicles Are Available For Lease?

Here at Genesis of Kennesaw, our Georgia drivers can lease any of our brand-new Genesis vehicles. While our new inventory is constantly changing, as new models arrive, we always have a wide array of stunning, luxurious, and powerful new Genesis cars available. These may include:

  • Genesis G70
  • Genesis G80
  • And Many Others

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