Schedule Genesis Service in Kennesaw, GA

When your Genesis needs maintenance, we are here to help at Genesis of Kennesaw. Drivers can schedule a service appointment through our dealership website or through the MyGenesis application on their smartphone. Each new Genesis model we sell comes backed by 36 months or 36,000 miles of complimentary scheduled maintenance, whichever event comes first. You can start by creating an account online and entering in all pertinent information about your vehicle and the services you require. Schedule a maintenance appointment today at Genesis of Kennesaw, less than 20 minutes outside of Marietta, GA.

Take Advantage of Our Valet Service Pickup

Along with our complimentary maintenance program, our luxury car drivers can take advantage of a free service pickup for their next appointment. We know you may have a busy schedule and the service valet helps get your car in for its appointment without interrupting it. When you create a new service appointment request, you can schedule a service valet pickup from your home or office. We will dispatch a technician out to your area, pick up the car, and deliver it back to this spot as soon as your service appointment is complete. If need be, we can leave you with a loaner car, upon request, to ensure you can make any appointments you have scheduled near Atlanta, without interruption.

Available Genesis Services in Kennesaw, GA

Oil Changes

An oil change is one of the most basic, yet one of the most important, maintenance procedures you can give your new Genesis or used car. This service is usually the first requirement in basic maintenance, though it an lead to more costly engine repairs if left unattended. Our technicians will drain the expired oil from your car, change out the filter with a genuine component, and fill the oil tank with Genesis-approved oils matching the proper viscosity for your engine.


The tires are, arguably, the most crucial part of any car, as they are the only parts that actually touch the ground while you drive through Sandy Springs. Our dealership can handle routine tire rotations, which help to preserve tire traction for as long as possible. We also carry all the top brand tires, made to fit your luxury car or SUV. Our state-of-the-art service center technology can swap out new tires and reset alignment balance in a matter of minutes.


The brakes are another crucial system required for optimal safety. While some brake parts, like the calipers, can go past 50,00 miles before requiring service, others will require routine attention and replacement sooner. Our technicians carry all the latest in genuine brake components, including Brembo Sport brake components for select models. We also carry genuine approved brake fluid and other important brake components, like rotors and pumps.


Every vehicle, luxury or otherwise, requires battery service in order to maintain its proper power levels. If you begin to suspect a loss in battery life, our technicians can assess your Genesis battery's proper charge and whether it needs replacement, using state-of-the-art technology. We carry genuine Genesis batteries and battery cells.

Complex Repairs

All vehicle parts will eventually wear down due to age, wear, and tear. When your Genesis needs more crucial repairs down the road, or as a result of an accident, our dealership service center can help you out. Our team is fully trained to handle complex repairs such as belt/hose replacement, transmission repair, shock/strut replacement, and fuel system cleaning, among many others.

Save on Services You Need

If your Genesis complimentary maintenance has expired, we encourage you to take advantage of our service specials in Kennesaw, GA. Each month, we offer great deals on a variety of necessary services, from basic oil changes and inspections to detailing and more intricate engine repair. We also offer monthly coupons towards genuine Genesis parts straight from the original equipment manufacturer (OEM).

Schedule a Service Appointment Today

Scheduling an appointment for Genesis service is easy and can be completed entirely here online from your home in Roswell, GA. We invite shoppers to visit our service center or take advantage of valet service here at Genesis of Kennesaw. Our service center is on-site at our dealership on Barrett Lakes Blvd. in Kennesaw, GA. We hope to hear from you soon!